Wie’s mental game lessons for Winning us open

Wie’s mental Toughness

Michelle Wie won her first U.S. Women’s open last Sunday, however not without much more tension than Kaymer’s nine-shot victory the week before.

After making a double on the 16th hole, Wie stated she was shaken. “It was pretty scary. I gave myself a good heart attack,” Wie said. “I think I aged about 10 years in a span of 15 minutes there.”

After the win, she admitted, when she was 15 years old, she’d try to drive the green on the first hole of a tournament…

However, she’s learned because then…

On Sunday, “I spent a lot of time before I came out this morning figuring out a game plan as well as I was really happy, I was really happy of myself for sticking with it,” Wie said.

“I think the fact that I struggled so much, the fact that I kind of went through a hard period of my life, the fact that this trophy is best next to me, it implies so much much more to me than it ever would have when I was 15,” Wie said.

What are the most significant mental game lessons Wie learned?

Lesson #1: stay in the Present.
Not thinking about the trophy in your hands when you are trying to win your first us Open–or any type of tournament–is very difficult. After making double on 16, she said, “I think that I felt a tinge of panic. I would be lying if I would say I was calm as well as collected.”

Lesson #2: Don’t be a Perfectionist.
“I just wanted to control Camiseta LOSC Lille everything. have the ideal swing. have the ideal putting stroke. as well as if something wasn’t perfect, then I would start to freak out.” Wie said that she chose to let go of it, have fun, as well as focus on improving every day. “I think over the years I started to learn, notice, that you can’t be perfect.”

Lesson #3: shut Down the Doubt.
“Oh, my God, I’m going to make a triple. I’m going to make a quadruple. What’s going to happen? I’m going to lose the U.S. Open. I just shut that off. as well as I’m just really happy of myself for being able to do that,” said Wie after the final round.

Lesson #4: stay client with Improvement.
At the highest level in the game, improvement can be slow as well as in some cases had to perceive. That’s when doubt can kick in. “I just got down on myself when I didn’t see it improvement. When I was in doubt, as well as my parents never let me doubt myself.”

Any Camiseta CF Monterrey golfer who has struggled at one time in his or her career has a lot to learn from Michelle Wie. She was under a lot of pressure very early in her golf career when the media hailed her as the “Tiger woods of women’s golf.”

She learned a lot about herself as well as how to win in the process. Her mental game lessons for success are essential for any type of level golfer; lessons at the core of mental toughness.

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