Why You need to bet on Floyd Mayweather

We originally published a story on Floyd Mayweather-Conor McGregor “super fight” when it was revealed back in June, after months of speculation. The odds before the fight was revealed were around -2000 in favor of Mayweather.
That dropped rapidly to -1200 for Mayweather and +800 for McGregor after the fight was made official. They continued to relocation in favor of McGregor with many sportsbooks now between -400 to -500 for Mayweather and +300 to +400 for McGregor.
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The fight has gathered much more betting attention than all of Mayweather’s previous fights. However, they haven’t been on Floyd, one of the best boxers of all-time, and the owner of a 49-0 profession record in boxing. Instead, nearly 90 percent of bets have come in on McGregor, who is one of the best mixed martial arts fighters today – but isn’t much much more than an amateur boxer.
Where the bets are going hasn’t changed when it concerns offshore betting markets. Bettors are still favoring McGregor massively. However, it’s worth noting that the average McGregor bet size is several hundred dollars, but the average Mayweather bet size is several thousand or more.
The sharps know a good bet when they see one…
Mayweather is a Steal

Forgetting Mayweather’s complete dominance in the sport for a minute, let’s talk about McGregor. He’s one of the best inside the octagon but has never fought a single professional boxing match in his career. Mayweather has beaten 49 directly opponents, numerous of them who dedicated their lives to boxing at a very young age.
“Notorious” has been training for some time for the fight, but he was knocked around by South African welterweight, Chris van Heerden, a few months back. Realistically, McGregor would have a difficult time beating any professional boxer, let alone, one Camiseta Real Madrid of Camiseta Manchester United the all-time greats.
The implied probability of a -400 bet is 80% (-450 is 81.82%). That implies you ought to bet on Mayweather if you think he wins this fight much more than 80% of the time.
To put this in perspective, “Money,” has been favored by -400 against far much more accomplished fighters. He took care of Arturo Gatti as a -400 favorite. He won by unanimous decision as a -400 favorite over Shane Mosley. He was a -300 favorite over Canelo Alvarez when he won by majority decision.
What do all these fighters have in common? For one, they’re all professional boxers, which McGregor is not. Second, they all had lots of fights under their belts against other boxers, which McGregor does not.
Laying $400 to win $100 isn’t something many sports Camiseta Feyenoord bettors like to do, but when you consider that the odds moved because of public action and not sharp action, it makes a lot much more sense. vegas bookies and online sportsbooks are planting their flag with Mayweather. They stand to lose seven figures if he loses this one, but they are confident in their position.
And, you ought to be too.
Several ways to Victory
By Knockout

Let’s also remember that there are numerous paths to a Mayweather victory. He hasn’t knocked out another fighter because 2011, and a lot of that surrounds injury issues with his hands. even his dad specified that he might not knock out Mcgregor.
Of course, a knockout isn’t required for Mayweather to grab a victory. Although, if there were a time for him to knock out another fighter – an untrained boxer without any professional experience – would produce the optimal scenario.
He’s is thinking about the knockout, though. “It won’t go the distance. I look forward to ending the fight early. It’s not going the distance,” Mayweather said about the upcoming bout. He certainly has his best chance in a knockout in quite some time.
By Decision

Mayweather’s fights aren’t always entertaining. Opposing fighters always have a difficult time hitting him. Remember, he’s only been knocked down a single time in his entire profession of 49 fights. no one can hit him.
I have to laugh at people who think McGregor may “catch him with a left-hook” and end his night with a single punch. Yes, he’s significantly older than McGregor, (40 years old compared to 28) but he’s taken on professional boxers in their prime with an exponentially higher skillset than some MMA fighter who has never boxed in his life.
None of them have ever had any success at beating him. only one of them has ever knocked him off his feet. Mayweather can do what he has done for lots of other fights. connect with jabs and never let McGregor hit him.
By Disqualification

McGregor is an MMA fighter, not a boxer (yes, I’ve said that already). It’s worth discussing again, however, because of the much longer duration of a boxing match compared to an MMA fight. Boxers, simply, need much more stamina.
The fight will consist of 12, 3-minute rounds, which amounts to 36 minutes of fighting. quite the difference between conventional UFC fights, which are three rounds and up to 5 minutes per round. UFC title fights can be longer, (5 rnull

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